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Burnsville 2008 Fallball: Men's One-Pitch, Tuesday night, Division II

We have 11 full timers this fall.  So the 1st 2 guys get a free out.

Full timers:  Brian, Neil, Kayne, Jupe, Kevin, Ed, Joe, Matt, Trevor, Tom, Bob

Mercy rules:  15 after 6, 12 after 7, 10 after 8.


Team Record
Clippers 11-1
St. James Thunder 8-2
Lakeville Bank 6-5
American Family Insurance 5-5
Commercial Woodwork 5-5
FSC 1-10
Team H 1-9


Time/Place Beer 2 Free Outs Scouting Report Game Write-up

6:00, LL B

7:00, LL B


Out:  Jupe, Kayne, Joe

Andy sub

Commercial Woodwork:

St. James Thunder:  #17 deep to RC, #23 deep to left side, #33 weak to LC, #8 weak to C. 1 lefty #14 hits to 2B.

W 18-1 (mercy).

W 12-3 (mercy).


6:00, LL B

7:00, LL B



Out:  Jupe


FSC:  2 deep hitters both to the left side - orange shirt & green SS, LC & 3B hits to 2B, RC hits loopers to the left side, everyone else hits to left side.

Lakeville Bank:

W 11-1 (mercy).

W 12-2 (mercy).  



8:00, LL B

9:00, LL B



Out: Tom

Late:  Jupe

Team H:  AKA: Mud Flap Girls.  They hit a lot to the right side - younger CSC looking guy with black shirt (deep), ragged older bearded guy and their SS when he wanted to.  Bigger gray shirt guy pull hitter and red stripe pants guy hits to 3B every time.

American Family Insurance: This was the best team we played so far.  They had multiple guys who could hit HRs to the left side.  They all batted together early in the lineup:  red shirt LF captain, red hair SS, cargo shorts, goatee 3B. They had 1 lefty and their RF who wore jeans was an automatic out. 1B green shorts is a pull hitter every time. They played a good infield but the outfield had a few costly past balls and misjudged balls. They through the ball around a little too. None of them really hustle around the bases.

W 18-6 (mercy).  This game was close until our breakout 7th inning and we scored the first 7 batters.  We had a couple nice double plays and overall, we hit great.

W 17-14.  This was a close game from the start.  We were behind 3-6 after 3 innings.  No team scored more than 5 runs in an inning and we did it in the top of the 9th.  Bob hit one out and Bob, Klubber and Kevin all scored 4 times each (Bob, Klubber, Kevin).  We turned at least 3 double plays and one of them was on in infield fly call.  Great defense and offense.


7:00, LL C

9:00, LL C



Out:  Brian St. James Thunder:

Commercial Woodwork:




8:00, LL B

9:00, LL B

Out:   Lakeville Bank:


Rainout - games moved to Oct 14

7:00, LL C

8:00, LL C



Out:   Team H:  Not a lot of power on this team.  Bigger 1B hit to the warning track in left (pull hitter).  RF refused to through the ball to anyone but 2B.

American Family Insurance: Still stacked their lineup and got a 3-run homer out of it.  Still have the jeans guy in RF.  

W 19-5 (mercy).  They actually jumped out to a 5-3 lead after 2 innings.  We were distracted by the twins game in our dugout and we helped them out with a couple misses in the field.  We played great defense after that, turned a few double plays and held them scoreless the rest of the game. 

W 13-4.  They like to argue calls with the ump. The close call with Joe at 1st early in the game resulted in 4 additional runs in the 1st inning.  They never forgot about it.


8:00, LL B

9:00, LL B

Bob Out: Joe Commercial Woodwork:

St. James Thunder

Rainout - games moved to Oct 15

8:00, LL B

9:00, LL B

Matt Out: Bob  Lakeville Bank:  They had 2 lefties and only 1 of their guys could hit it deep.  Everything else was short or to the infield.

FSC:   They had 2 HR hitters (hulk shirt guy and orange striped pants guy).  A couple of the older guys RF and 1B hit weak pops to shallow left field.  They threw the ball around a lot in the field.

W 29-2 (mercy).  We hit like crazy in this game and batted around the order three times.  We moved to a rover at the end and it worked well.

W 22-7 (mercy).  They had a grand slam HR in the 1st inning, but after that it was all Clippers.  We were told we were the "right most hitting team" the first baseman had ever seen.

Wed 10/15

8:00, LL B

9:00, LL B

Tom Out: Bob, Matt, Joe

Sub:  Andy

Commercial Woodwork:

St. James Thunder

Top 3 teams advance to the league tournament

October 18-19

  It is unlikely that we'll be able to field a team for this tournament.

Weather line:  952-894-7132 after 4 pm on the day of the game.

Lac Lavon Fields:

Take I35 to 162nd street exit.

This is the first exit south of where 35E and 35W combine.

Go east on 162nd street about 1.5 miles.

Turn left (north) on Lac Lavon Drive.The parks are on your right.


Neill Fields:

Take I35 to Burnsville parkway.

Take Burnsville parkway west to Upton Ave.

The park should be on your right.


Annual Fall Golfing Trip:

Friday, September 5 - Sunday, September 7 and Klubber's inlaw's place.