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Burnsville 2006 Fallball: Men's One-Pitch, Tuesday night, Division II

9-3, 150 runs for and 104 runs against.  Tied for 2nd Place.

We have 13 full timers this fall.  So the 1st 4 guys get a free out.  Kevin is our designated sub if we need one.

Burnsville Chiro 10-1 plus one unknown game against American Family.

Clippers and Shell/Steve Rynda Construction 9-3.

Ingebretsen's Meats 8-3 plus one unknown game against Metro Merchants.

Thunder 6-4 plus two unknown games.

Metro Merchants 6-5 plus one unknown game against Ingebretsen's Meats.

American Family 6-5 plus one unknown game against Burnsville Chiro.


Time/Place Beer Free Outs Scouting Report Game Write-up

7:30, Neill A, H

8:30, Neill A, V



Out:  Joe, Don


Thunder.  An older team.  They had a weak right fielder who was trying to hit blooper singles.  This was the team with the "Angry" shortstop who had good range but liked to throw the ball around a lot.  Good arm and good range in LF.  Not a lot of deep hitters other than their LCF who could hit deep to both sides.  RCF and RF played very close together, which left big gaps in the middle.  We should play center field rover when their two weak hitters get up

American Family.  This was a younger bunch of guys.  Blue T 3B hit deep left side.  Three lefties, one could hit deep to both sides.  RF struggled, either gave us too much room on the line or came in too close and got burned deep, he also hits shallow to LF.  They hit a lot of fly ball outs.  SS had a good arm.

W 12-11 in 11th inning.  They had 8 runs after 3 but struggled for the rest of the game.  We talked the ump into letting us go into extra innings.  It was back and forth until we finally managed to score the winning run in the bottom of the 11th. 

W 21-6.  They actually beat the Thunder team in game 1.  We hit really well in this game and managed to get a lot of runs early.


6:00, LL C, V

7:00, LL B, H



Out:  Jupe, Brian, Don and Tracy out for game 1 Metro Merchants.  #79 is their home run hitter.

Shell/Steve Rynda Construction.  Lots of line drive singles hitters on this team.  Red hat RCF hits deep.

L 0-10.  Maybe it was the pitching.  Maybe it was the lack of energy.  Whatever it was, we got beat 10-0 by a mediocre team.  Quite possibly the most feeble game in Clippers history.  Our defense was decent.  We lost this one at the plate.

L 4-19.  Another bad game.  We managed to get a few more runs this time, but combined that with defensive errors.  Their left fielder came way in and we still couldn't hit it over his head.


6:00, LL C, H

7:00, LL B, V



Out:  Jupe, Joe, Jay

Kevin sub

Lakeview Bank.  An older team.  3B has a good glove, but not a very strong arm and we were able to beat out numerous throws to 1st.  2 lefties, nothing hit deep.  #20 RF hits to RF.

Ingebretsenís Meats.  Lots of big hitters - young team with good arms.  They like to play 5 infielders but they don't have a ton of range and still let balls through.  The outfield gives you the line and it can be tempting to go for it.  Hitting scouting:  Maroon #19 deep to LF.  Pins deep to RCF.  #2 deep to CF including a HR.  #28 to RCF and LCF.

W 18-17.  We scored 7 in the first but then our bats went dry.  They took the lead and they were up 17-13 in the bottom of the 9th.  We had a series of clutch hits and managed to tie the game on a 2 run double by Klubber.  But the game went to extra innings.  We held them in the 9th and then Trevor hit the game winning fly ball to score Tracy from 3rd.  Nice work Clippers!

W 18-7.  This team was good.  We couldn't score in the 1st and they hit multiple balls to the fence and scored 4.  If you would have told me that we would 10 run them I would have called you crazy.  But we elevated our game, hit tons of singles and they seemed to hit the ball hard, but to our defense.  They started with 5 infielders, moved to 4 and the moved back to 5.  We had a good mix of infield hits and hitting the gaps so it made it difficult for them to adjust.  Play of the game goes to Kevin for a diving catch in the hole and a 1st base throw out from while lying on his back.  Good win against a great team.


8:00, LL C, H

9:00, LL B, V



Out:  Bill, Kayne, Don, Matt

Kevin sub

The Jerkwaters.  This is a bad team.  Played poor defense and couldn't hit the ball.  They didn't back up even after we hit numerous balls to the fence.

Burnsville Family Chiropractic.  Good defensive team and they also tend to hit their home runs.

W 25-3.  Great softball night. This game was a laugher, as we hit well and they played poor defense, which when combined means a run-rule after 6 innings. Nash hit no fewer than four shots to the warning track, yet they still wouldn't back up. Homer by the Klub.

W 19-18.  Second game was a classic against Burnsville Chiropractic. Only a couple of 0-run half-innings on either side. Each team had 3-4 errors, but solid defense all around generally speaking. They had the max out-of-park shots, and Klubber tatered a second time. Several more off the fence for both teams. We went into the last half-inning up by 4. They put the first two on and followed it with an ITP homer to pull within one, still no outs. Next three up, next three down, Clippers win by 1.


8:00, LL C, H

9:00, LL B, V



Out:  Bill, Don, Trevor

Kevin sub

CIT.  One lefty who hits up the middle.  They guy with grey pinstripes hits opposite field to RF.  Camo hat guy hits to the left field line.  Their right fielder hits to shallow left field.  All black with white stripe on pants hits to shallow left field.  This team was not a deep hitting team.  They tried playing a shallow outfielder behind second base for a while but then they gave up.

Thunder.  White shorts hits up the middle.  Their short stop is very quick, has good range and hits the ball deep.  

W 20-5.  We had quite possibly the best 1st inning ever with 17 runs.  We went through the order almost 2 full times.  That set the tone for the game and both teams basically stopped playing after that.  We 15-runned them after 6 innings.

W 13-8.  They took the early lead in the 1st 3-0.  By the 6th inning we were up 9-4.  They scored 4 in the 7th, but we played a tough 8th and 9th inning and Klubber hit one out for our final run of the game.


6:30, LL A, H

8:30, LL A, V



Out:  Don American Family

Shell/Steve Rynda Construction

W 9-7

L 10-18


6:00, LL B, V

7:00, LL C, H




The Jerkwaters

Bull Dog Bar

Top 4 teams advance to the league tournament

October 21-22

  Out:  Matt, Brian, Trevor, Ed

Weather line:  952-894-7132 after 4 pm on the day of the game.

Lac Lavon Fields:

Take I35 to 162nd street exit.

This is the first exit south of where 35E and 35W combine.

Go east on 162nd street about 1.5 miles.

Turn left (north) on Lac Lavon Drive.The parks are on your right.


Neill Fields:

Take I35 to Burnsville parkway.

Take Burnsville parkway west to Upton Ave.

The park should be on your right.


Annual Fall Golfing Trip:



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Last Night of Softball:


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