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Burnsville 2005 Fallball: Men's One-Pitch, Tuesday night, Division II

9-5, 202 runs for and 112 runs against.  4th Place.

Metro Wide Construction 11-3

Ingebretsen's Meats 10-4

Burnsville Family Chiro 10-4

Clippers 9-5

We have 14 full timers this fall.  So the 1st 5 guys get a free out.

Last year we went 5-8-1 and took 5th place out of 8.

Time/Place Beer Free Outs Scouting Report Game Write-up

8 pm, B, Home

9 pm, B, Vis



Trevor, Bill, Tom, Tracy, Joe


Metro Wide Construction / TD Custom Construction: 9-4-1 in 2004, 2nd place team.  We lost twice to them.

CIT: 3-8-2 in 2004, last place team, we split with them.

W 23-7.  We killed them with 10 runs in the bottom of the 5th inning.  We hit great - singles all night long and even mixed in the occasional homer and warning tracking shots.  Our defense was solid and we turned a couple double plays.  Our pitching was terrific - nice work Brian and Jupe!  It made all the difference at the plate.

W 20-8.  This was a very back and forth game, low scoring up to the 8th inning.  In the 8th, we padded the score with 12 runs and won by mercy rule.


8 pm, B, Home

9 pm, B, Vis



Don, Trevor Ingebretsen's Meats: 7-5-1 in 2004, 4th place team, we beat them and tied them.

Power Hour: new team.

 L 11-22.  We we up 11-7 in the 5th, but our hitting and defense went sour and they poured in on in the 9th inning to score 11 and made some great defensive plays.

W 26-6.  This one was never in question.  They had very poor pitching, which resulted in poor hitting.  They also only had 3 outfielders, which didn't help their situation.  They struggled in the field.


6 pm, B, Home

7 pm, C, Vis



Matt, Jay, Jupe, Tom, Tracy, Trevor

Kevin sub for 2nd game

Burnsville Family Chiropractic: 10-3-1 in 2004, 1st place team, we lost both times.

Detlefsen Insurance: 4-9 in 2004, 6th place team, we split with them.

W 14-10.  We only had 8 guys and started out the first inning by shutting them down and hitting a string of singles to score 6.  That set the tone of the game.  We played solid defense and hit singles all night long.  We gave up 3 runs in the 9th inning and game ended 14-10.  The defending champs started complaining about the pitches and were out of their element.

W 16-3.  Nash showed up for game 2 and we started hitting the ball deep.  Once again we played great defense, but our hitting was a mix of singles and long balls.


6 pm, C, Home

7 pm, C, Home



Joe, Don, Tom, Trevor Oak Edge Countertops: 4-9 in 2004, 7th place team, we split with them.  They can really hit the ball well.

CIT: 1 lefty hits fly balls to RF.  Tall thin SS slaps the ball to RF.  One tall guy in all black hit a deep foul to LF and everyone else hit short.  They gave us the RF line all night.

W 18-7.  This team didn't hit the ball very deep but they had speed on the bases.  A few slides for no reason - even one head first into third.  Their bigger 1B hit everything shallow and they had a couple lefties.  We hit a ton of singles and they couldn't do anything about it.  They tried playing short and we would burn them deep.

W 21-5.  Very bad defense on this team.  They gave us about 8-10 bases on error.  1-2 guys who could hit the ball long and the rest were weak grounders and shallow fly balls.  Gave us the right field line all night.  Their ringers from the first time we played them were not playing (SS, tallest guy).


Annual team golf weekend

Nisswa, MN

Everyone Tom, Bill, Trevor, Don 10 In:  Matt, Klubber, Brian, Kayne, Jay, Ed, Tracy, Rich, Jupe, Joe

8 pm, C, Home

9 pm, B, Vis



Bill, Don, Trevor Power Hour: poor pitching, poor fielding and struggle at the plate.  Only one guy hit deep - everything else on the ground or shallow outfield.  SS struggled quite a bit in the field.

Metro Wide Construction / TD Custom Construction: Nash is on this team.  He likes to hit deep and likes to try the right side.  #33 hits hard line shots to LF.  Quite a few guys could hit deep.

W 15-13.  We had a 6 run comeback in the 8th inning.  They only had 3 outfielders.  They hit almost everything to the left side.  They had 1 lefty who hit short weak stuff to RF.  We had a little trouble in the field and also didn't string together enough singles until the 8th inning.  Their outfielders were not that quick and didn't steal too many from us.  Tom hit his first over the fence shot of the year.

L 13-14.  They wanted it more than we did - that was sure.  We got a couple calls to go our way and it only made them more angry.  They all hit the ball really well - hard line drives.  They got one homer on the night.  They played 5 infielders and that worked a little better than their strategy last time.  Their 3B was great, but the middle three guys struggled with the grounders.  But playing 5 infielders didn't hurt their outfield much because they were quick and didn't make any errors.  We had a 3 run comeback in the 9th, but it wasn't enough.


8 pm, B, Home

9 pm, C, Vis



Jupe, Tom, Jay, Trevor, Tracy

Scott subbing

Detlefsen Insurance:  They didn't hit very many deep balls.  They had one guy with a white hat who loved to pull the ball down the 3B line.  They struggled at the plate.

Ingebretsen's Meats: everyone but the older 2B can hit the ball deep.  1 slow lefty plays 1B.  Muscle shirt outfield, tallest outfield and older bald guy outfield all can hit homers to both sides.  Orange shirt outfielder likes to go opposite field.  Good range at SS - likes to hit back up the middle.

W 18-5.  We put together a few nice inning at the plate and basically played solid defense.  They had trouble at the plate.  They had a few strike outs and quite a few pop outs.  We turned 3 double plays.

L 7-12.  The game was tied 7-7 for about 4 innings.  They got 5 runs in the 8th inning with 2 homers.  They hit the ball really well.  They had about 5-6 guys who could get to the fence.  2 lefties.  Their outfield didn't miss anything and their SS had a great game.  We hit too many pop ups - especially to the right side.  We were in the one, but we just couldn't answer when they got their big inning. 


8 pm, B, Vis

9 pm, C, Vis



Trevor, Don Oak Edge Countertops: like to run the bases hard and a few guys will dive head first even without a play.  2 lefties.  Bigger 1B hits shallow every time.

Burnsville Family Chiropractic: struggled with pitches, they couldn't pull it together once we got an early lead.

Double loss on the final night dashed the Clippers hopes at the playoffs. 
Top 3 teams advance to the league tournament

October 15-16

  Matt, Trevor    

Weather line:  952-894-7132 after 4 pm on the day of the game.

Lac Lavon Fields:

Take I35 to 162nd street exit.

This is the first exit south of where 35E and 35W combine.

Go east on 162nd street about 1.5 miles.

Turn left (north) on Lac Lavon Drive.The parks are on your right.


Annual Fall Golfing Trip:

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