2006 Winter Carnival - canceled


2006 Indoor State


2006 Colorado


Sheep finish regular season in 1st - tied with Gatti Inc. and Terminal Frost.  Then they fall to Terminal Frost in the semi final.


Regular Season Records

Team Record
Sheep 4-1
Gatti Inc. 4-1
Terminal Frost 4-1
Meerkats 3-2
SWEEP 1-3 (missing a game)
BLS 0-4 (missing a game)
JJ's Clubhouse 0-5


Outdoor league roster

Men:  Scott, Rich, Brian, Neil, Matt

Women:  Ann, Jessi, Elissa, Claudine, Janis

Subs:  Kayne, Karleen, Tracy, Joe, Walfoort


Regular Season and Playoff Games

NOTE - playoffs are single elimination, if we lose we are done

League Games Time Location Opponent Result
Tue, Jan 3 8 pm Bryn Mawr #1 JJ's Clubhouse W 3-0 
Tue, Jan 10 6 pm Bryn Mawr #1 Meerkats L 0-1 
Tue, Jan 17 9 pm Bryn Mawr #1 Gatti INC. W 4-3

Tue, Jan 24

7 pm

Bryn Mawr #1 BLS W 3-2
Tue, Jan 31 

7 pm

Bryn Mawr #1 SIECO W 4-1
Playoffs-Sat, Feb 4 10:30 am Bryn Mawr #2 Terminal Frost  L 0-3



Week 1 - Jan 3, 2006


6 pm - BLS vs. SWEEP - rescheduled

7 pm - Gatti Inc defeat Terminal Frost 4-1

8 pm - Sheep defeat JJ's Clubhouse 3-0

9 pm - SIECO defeat Meerkats 3-1


Game Write-up

First game outdoors for many of the Sheep.  There was some rust on the brooms and the bad ice conditions didn't help.  We controlled the majority of the game, got a lot of good looks at the net and put two in during the first half.  JJ's was a beginners team and only one guy had broomball shoes.  Their goalie played a great game and made 20-25 saves.  They got a couple breakaways that were broken up before they were able to get a shot on goal.  They ended up with one shot on goal, which Scott saved.  The final score was 3-0 and the Sheep take home their first win of the year.


Play of the Game

Play of the game goes to three Sheep.  Claudine started the play on the defensive side.  She passed the ball across to Matt who shot a low ball along the ice toward the net.  Neil was able to get his broom on the ball and tip it over the goalie for the Sheep's third goal.  But the best part about this play was that the Sheep discussed the exact situation in the half time huddle only minutes before.  Nice going Sheep!



Week 2 - Jan 10, 2006

6 pm - Meerkats defeat Sheep 1-0

7 pm - SIECO defeat JJ's Clubhouse 10-0

8 pm - Gatti Inc. defeat SWEEP 9-4

9 pm - Terminal Frost defeat BLS 10-0


Game Write-up

Tonight, the Sheep lost their first league game since 2001.  Yes, that does sound strange.  Our undefeated league record goes back 4 years and includes 3 different leagues.  Well, we got was we asked for what we've been trying for all these years - a competitive league.  Looks like we'll get some great practice before the Winter Carnival.  The Meerkats had more ball control than the Sheep and a few more shots on goal.  We did a good job of limiting their shots on goal, breaking up their passes in front of the net and preventing them from scoring in general.  So we did play good defense as a team.  Both teams struggled a bit on the red line.  We never really got much offense going and played much of the game on our side of the red line.  


Play of the Game

I'm going to have to give the play of the night to Ann, Jessi and Matt.  We lived up the "Party Party Sheep" name and took care of our weekly bar appearance by going to JJ's Clubhouse.  We mingled with the kats and all the rest of the teams as they came to the bar, one after another.  Yes, we were even there when the 9 pm games rolled in.  Go Sheep!



Week 3 - Jan 17, 2006 (updated)

6 pm - Terminal Frost defeat JJ's Clubhouse by forfeit

7 pm - SIECO defeat BLS

8 pm - Meerkats defeat SWEEP

9 pm - Sheep defeat Gatti Inc. 4-3


Game Write-up

The days of undefeated Gatti Inc. are over.  Sheep take this one 4-3.  Gatti Inc. had a lean squad as usual, and the Sheep ran them hard.  Gatti Inc. pressed on offense and gave up a few breakaways, 3 of which ended in goals.  Brian played despite a cold and pulled out a hat trick along with an assist.  Gatti Inc. scored first but the Sheep came out of halftime with 2 quick goals to take the lead.  The first one was a great steal by Ann and a pass to Brian.  This gave us the ability to play a more defensive game and limit the scoring.  Kayne and Walfoort were able to help out since Rich and Matt couldn't play this one.  Jessi, Ann and Walfoort all had assists in this game and Jessi had the 4th goal.  Overall, the Sheep played a good defensive game and took advantages of the openings they got. 


Play of the Game

Two MVPs on this one.  Brian for his hat trick and Scott for playing great in the nets.  Gatti Inc. had numerous chances to score and Scott came up big.  Nice work Brian and Scott!



Week 4 - Jan 24, 2006

6 pm - Gatti Inc defeat SIECO 6-2

7 pm - Sheep defeat BLS 3-2

8 pm - Meerkats defeat JJ's Clubhouse

9 pm - Terminal Frost defeat SWEEP 2-1


Game Write-up

BLS had a pretty good goalie who liked to make clearing lift passes.  He stopped a few close up shots early on.  He got his foot on a shot from Jessi that went up and over his head for the first Sheep goal.  BLS got a goal on a breakaway after a ball was left stranded between the Sheep defenders.  Matt scored on a hand move breakaway to put the Sheep up 2-1.  A fluke BLS goal went off a Sheep defender and into the goal to tie the game at the half.  Brian wasn't there so Matt, Neil and Rich were running tired.  The ice was sticky and the game was fast.  Jessi came through in the second half with the go-ahead goal after a nice pass from Rich.  The Sheep shifted into a more conservative defense and played the rest of game out with a one goal lead.  Scott had a nice flurry of saves on BLS's only scoring opportunity of the 2nd half.  Way to hang on and with the close one Sheep!


Play of the Game

MVP goes to Jessi - hands down.  She had two goals on the night including the game winner in the second half.  She got the pass from Rich and fired from the face-off circle.  It was a hard shot that actually bounced off 1-2 players and still hit the back of the net in the air.  Nice work!




Week 5 - Jan 31, 2006

6 pm - SWEEP defeat JJ's Clubhouse

7 pm - Sheep defeat SIECO 4-1

8 pm - Terminal Frost defeat Meerkats 3-1

9 pm - Gatti Inc defeat BLS - all the way up in Brainerd


Game Write-up

Sheep vs. SIECO - a long time rivalry saved until the last game of the season.  The winner ties for 1st place in the league.  Sheep score first with a sloppy goal in front of the net.  Claudine dove for the ball to keep it in close and Jessi and Brian swatted until it went in.  5-6 people sprawled out in the crease at the end.  SIECO scored on a steal and breakaway and then Brian put in the second goal on an unassisted breakaway.  The Sheep talked about playing a conservative second half and not making any mistakes that SIECO could capitalize on.  Our goals would come.  And on the first possession of the 2nd half Jessi and Brian had nice give and go for the 3rd goal.  SIECO put a women in the nets and the Sheep countered with 2 guys on defense.  Ann and Janis combined for the Sheep's 4th goal on a steal behind the net.  Final score:  4-1 Sheep.


Play of the Game

I could give it to Brian for a hat trick - clearly deserving.  Or I could give it to Ann and Janis for their nice goal to seal the deal at the end of the game.  Then again, Jessi had two assists on the night, Scott had some excellent saves and Claudine had a nice diving assist for the Sheep's first goal.  The defense (Elissa, Matt, Neil) did just that - played great defense and held SIECO to only one goal.  Oh well, I guess on the Sheep's final regular season game - everyone gets an honorable mention! 



Stats - through regular season and Mpls playoffs

Player Gms Gls Ast Pts P/G G/G A/G
Brian Leither 5 7 1 8 1.6 1.4 0.2
Jessi Nikko 5 4 3 7 1.4 0.8 0.6
Matt Lindquist 4 1 3 4 1.0 0.3 0.8
Matt Walfoort 1 0 1 1 1.0 0.0 1.0
Ann Novitske 6 1 2 3 0.5 0.2 0.3
Rich Kofski 2 0 1 1 0.5 0.0 0.5
Claudine Weiler 5 0 2 2 0.4 0.0 0.4
Neil Chaffee 6 1 1 2 0.3 0.2 0.2
Janis Stephan 5 0 1 1 0.2 0.0 0.2
Elissa Chaffee 6 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Scott Dahl 6 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Kayne Weiler 2 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Andy Lancette 1 0 0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0


Bryn Mawr Meadows Directions

501 Morgan Ave S, Minneapolis


Directions from 394:

Take 394 to the Penn Ave exit (just west of downtown).

Take the Penn Ave exit and go north one block.

Take the first right turn.

The road curves around and the rinks will be on your right.

You can see the park from 394.


From downtown Mpls during rush hour:

Take Washington Ave north-west to 6th Ave N.

Take a left on 6th Ave N and go about 5 blocks.

Take a right on Olson Memorial Highway and go over I94.

Take a left on Bryant Ave N and go about 4 blocks.

Take a right on Glenwood Ave and go 5 blocks.

Take a left on Cedar Lake Rd N and go over the railroad tracks.

Take a left on Morgan Ave S.

The road curves around and the rinks will be on your left.


Weather information

To get to this site from the Mpls home page, click Parks & Lakes and then select Weather from the dropdown list.

They should update the weather info by 3 pm on game day if games are cancelled for any reason.

The temperature cut-off is -15 F at 12:30 by WCCO standards.