2004 Winter Carnival Results


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Regular Season Results

League Games Time Location Opponent Result
Tue, Jan 6 6:30 pm Bryn Mawr #1 Bombers W 7-2
Tue, Jan 13 7:30 pm Bryn Mawr #1 St. Thomas W 7-2
Tue, Jan 20 6:30 pm Bryn Mawr #1 BT W 5-2

Tue, Jan 27, 1 vs. 3

6:30 pm

Bryn Mawr #1 Bombers W 5-0
Tue, Feb 3, 1 vs. 2

7:30 pm

Bryn Mawr #1 St. Thomas  W by Forfeit   
Mon, Feb 9 9:00 pm Bryn Mawr #1 St. Thomas W 6-0
Wed, Feb 11 quarter-final 8:00 pm Bryn Mawr #1 Mannings  W 3-0
Fri, Feb 13 semi-final 7:00 pm Bryn Mawr #2 Summit  L 2-3


Regular Season Record

Team Record
Sheep 5-0
St. Thomas 3-2
Bombers 1-4
BT 1-4


Week 1 - Jan 6, 2004


6:30 pm, Sheep defeat Bombers 7-2.

7:30 pm, St. Thomas defeat BT.


Lucky Number 7  

The Sheep start the season off on a chilly night in January.  The temp was only 7 degrees - and that is exactly how many goals the Sheep scored that night.  The score was 2-0 Sheep at the half.  There was some tension when the Bombers scored just minutes into the second half on a breakaway, making it a one goal game.  Then, Brian enters the scene.  Count 'em - 5 goals for Brian in the second half to make the final score 7-2.  He was complimented by a flock of nice passes, setups and stifling defense.  For some of the Sheep, it was their first time on the ice for the season.  The team looked great, the jerseys were glowing and the party continued to TGI Friday's afterwards.  Nice playing!!!


Plays of the Week

Brian's 5-goal performance can't go unmentioned - definitely a playmaker.  Ann's rocket shot from the face-off circle was another nice one.  It didn't result in a score, but it did turn some heads - on both teams!



Week 2 - Jan 13, 2004


6:30 pm, Bombers defeat BT.

7:30 pm, Sheep defeat St. Thomas 7-2.


The Sheep Score Another TD

For the second week in a row, the Sheep put up a TD of goals.  Brian was the dishing machine and he is adamant about only taking 10 shots all night.  The amazing thing was that of the 10 shots, 5 found the net.  Jessi added another two for a total of 7 goals.  Scott did his best to keep the game close :) and let it two from the opposing team!  Party Party Sheep!


Plays of the Week

Only one week after explaining the concept of red-line offsides to the flock, the trust shepherd jumped on the ice for the first time late in the 2nd half and proceeded to run clear across the red line and call for the ball.  He got it and the whistle blew - of course.  What a dork.



Week 3 - Jan 20, 2004


6:30 pm, Sheep defeat BT 5-2.

7:30 pm, St. Thomas defeat Bombers.


Sheep to Lost Shepherd

The Shepherd missed the game so I guess you don't get a write-up.  Sheep were worried for a bit, but pulled out a 5-2 victory on the track meet.


Plays of the Week

Play of the game was the other team accusing Brian of a hand pass when he did the slide move to score a goal.  Live and learn.



Week 4 - Jan 27, 2004


6:30 pm, Sheep defeat Bombers 5-0.

7:30 pm, St. Thomas vs. BT.


That is What You're Supposed to do on Defense!

Scott gets his first goal as a Sheep in the final minutes of the game!  The Sheep had crisp passes and nice spacing as then cruised to the 5-0 win for the first game of the Mpls 6 on 6 playoffs.


Plays of the Week

Play of the week goes to a combination of three players: Kathleen for her one-timer goal, Elissa for her nice goal from Joe and Claudine, and Scott for his first career goal as a Sheep!  It was 'shear' brilliance!



Week 5 - Feb 3, 2004


6:30 pm, BT defeats Bombers 4-2.

7:30 pm, Sheep win over St. Thomas by forfeit.


Where is the Shepherd?

Matt played for St. Thomas since they were short players.  They didn't have enough at game time so the Sheep won by default.  The shepherd then deserted his flock to play for the Broomball Team.  Sheep won the scrimmage 3-0.  The Sheep practiced their 8 on 8 strategy by having a cherry picker and swinging and dumping the ball.  Matt practiced his chip shots and scouted the Sheep from the other team's perspective.  We're ready for the 8 on 8 playoffs!


Plays of the Week

Matt was in the goal for the Broomball Team.  He played the ball and tried to flip it to the corner.  Claude intercepted in mid air and fed Jessi who was waiting at the top of the crease.  This was the Sheep's first goal and a very nice play!!


Minneapolis Outdoor 8 on 8 Playoffs

The Sheep entered the 8 on 8 Minneapolis playoffs after taking a year off to play in the Hopkins league.  We were in the A bracket and we got a first round bye.  We won our first game by quite a margin, but the second game was a little closer.  The third game was against Summit who was a very good 8 on 8 team.  The Sheep hadn't played 8 on 8 in over a year, so it took a little getting used too.  Very crowded - especially when we controlled the ball in the opposing team's zone.  We practice dropping it back further, clearing our center and wings away from the net and quick swing passes.  Those strategies helped us advance to the semifinal game, something the Sheep have never been able to do in that 8 on 8 tourney.  But team Summit was too much for us.  We pulled the goalie with 3 minutes left down by 2 goals.  We managed to score one, but couldn't get that last goal to force overtime.  Congrats to the Sheep for doing well in a style of play that we don't get much practice at anymore!!  Good time had by all.



Bryn Mawr Meadows Directions

501 Morgan Ave S, Minneapolis


Directions from 394:

Take 394 to the Penn Ave exit (just west of downtown).

Take the Penn Ave exit and go north one block.

Take the first right turn.

The road curves around and the rinks will be on your right.

You can see the park from 394.


From downtown Mpls during rush hour:

Take Washington Ave north-west to 6th Ave N.

Take a left on 6th Ave N and go about 5 blocks.

Take a right on Olson Memorial Highway and go over I94.

Take a left on Bryant Ave N and go about 4 blocks.

Take a right on Glenwood Ave and go 5 blocks.

Take a left on Cedar Lake Rd N and go over the railroad tracks.

Take a left on Morgan Ave S.

The road curves around and the rinks will be on your left.


Weather Line:  612-673-2489, 22, 1.  Call this number for information on game cancellations.

The temperature cut-off is -15 F at 12:30 by WCCO standards.

They should update the weather line by 3 pm on game day if games are cancelled for any reason.