2005 Winter Carnival


Sheep Take 3rd at the 2005 Minnesota Outdoor Championships!


We played a great tournament and finished 3rd out of 10 teams!  The Meerkats were hungry when they played us and they probably played their best game against us - handing the Sheep their only loss in pool play.  Overall, the Sheep played really well as a team.  We covered for each other on defense and held our opponents to very few goals. Our passing in front of the opponent's net was excellent.  Scott had three games where he allowed 1 or fewer goals. The loss in the semi final was a tough one.  We held Liberty to only 2 goals, the fewest they had scored in regulation against any of the other teams.  Goals for 17.  Goals against 8.  Another trophy for the Sheep!  This one goes to the Wonder Twins - combining for a total 7 goals and 5 assists.  Well done!  PARTY PARTY SHEEP!


Game 1, Sat, 2:40 pm, NW, Sheep defeat Gabe's 6-0.

The Sheep start out strong against a team of hunter orange.  The highlight of this game was the Fox 9 news crew filming from the east end of the rink.  The Shepherd was interviewed after the game and the infamous "PARTY PARTY SHEEP BAAAAAAAA" was recorded for the story.  We'll have the footage on the site soon!


Game 2, Sat, 5:10 pm, NW, Meerkats defeat Sheep 4-1.

The Meerkats really turned it up for this game.  Jason Westrum had two outstanding goals which gave the Meerkats the momentum and literally deflated the Sheep.  Cheney couldn't make this game since he was playing with the Bucks at the same time.  This left only one sub for the rest of the men, which made it difficult to keep up with the Meerkat speed.  Ball control was fairly even, but the Meerkats got better shots and took this one away from the Sheep.


Game 3, Sat, 6:50 pm, NW, Sheep defeat MJC 4-1.

The Sheep were bitter from the previous loss and came out firing in this game.  Cheney got one of the funniest penalties in Sheep history as he picked up the ball and threw it out of the rink.  In his defense, he was concerned about an injury on the ice.  But as the ref said, "You play, we'll call the game.  3 minutes for delay of game."  But the Sheep were "ON" and managed to control the ball AND score on the penalty kill.  #12 from MJC did make a nice hand move for their only score and followed it up with "Now that's how you do it!!"


Game 4, Sun, 9:00 am, NW, Sheep defeat Schroeders 4-0.

Finally a clean rink to play on.  The snow had been cleared and other than the express lanes (red and blue lines), the ice was in excellent shape.  Our first goal came on the opening possession less than a minute into the game.  The Sheep never looked back.  Wonder twin powers activate as Jessi and Jodi combined for a hat trick in this one.  Scott played a great game and pitched a shut out for the Sheep.


Sun, 2:00 pm, NW semi final, Liberty #1 seed defeat Sheep # 2 seed 3-2 in OT.

This was a tough game for the mighty Sheep.  Brian, Matt and Cheney had just finished a 1 goal win for the Bucks and that definitely took a toll on the legs.  The Sheep trailed at the half 0-1 but managed to go ahead in the second half 2-1.  Liberty had a woman in the nets and a lot of speed on the ice.  Regulation ended in a 2-2 tie and the Sheep and Liberty went at it in a 3 minute, 4 on 4, total goals overtime.  The Sheep had some opportunities, but Liberty managed to steal the ball and sprint for the goal with about 1 minute left in the OT.  The Sheep couldn't bounce back.  The Liberty Bell was cracked, but it wouldn't break.


Sun, 2:00 pm, NE semi final, SIECO defeat Meer Kats 5-0.

Sun, 3:40 pm, NE championship, SIECO defeat Libery 5-3.

Congrats to SEICO on a great tournament and first ever championship!

Overall record:  3-2

Goals for: 17

Goals against: 8


Mc Murray Fields in St. Paul

North on Lexington Ave from I94.

Past Energy Park Drive and Gabe's by the Park.

Right after you go under the railroad tracks, take a left onto the one way.

The parks are on your right.