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League Games Time Location Opponent Result
Tue, Dec 31 7:15 pm Valley Park Sharks W 9-1
Tue, Jan 7 7:00 pm Valley Park Big Fish canceled
Tue, Jan 14 8:00 pm Valley Park Best Buy W 10-0
Tue, Jan 21 6:00 pm Valley Park Ice Breakers W 8-4
Tue, Jan 28 8:00 pm Valley Park CRI W 8-3
Tue, Feb 4 7:00 pm Valley Park Sharks W 5-0
Tue, Feb 11 6:00 pm Valley Park Big Fish W 4-2
Tue, Feb 18

7:15 pm


Valley Park Big Fish W 10-0
State Tourney, Feb 8 9:00 am Burnsville PT Dirt L 3-6
State Tourney, Feb 8 11:00 am Burnsville Budweiser Duluth L 1-4
State Tourney, Feb 8 2:00 pm Burnsville Roseville W 4-1


2003 Burnsville Outdoor Tournament Write-up

This Bud's for You!

Team Budweiser from Duluth took home the first place honors at the 2003 MRPA Burnsville State Tournament.  They were undefeated beating Roseville 5-0, the Sheep 4-1 and PT Dirt in a close final game 4-3.  The Sheep lost to PT Dirt 3-6 but won the 3rd place game 4-1 against team Roseville.  The Sheep had many new chants at this tourney, but the tried and true:  "Party Party Sheep!  BAAAAA!" was still the best.  Ann even brought a team mascot this time!  Joe Ziegenfuss and Jessi Nikko led the scoring with 4 points each on the day.  Joe had 3 goals and 1 assist and Jessi had 4 assists.  Matt Lindquist and Mike Pfriem were close behind with 3 points each.  Ann Novitske and Jodi Grack each added a point of their own.  Stacy Grochowski played excellent defense in her very first Sheep experience.  Thanks Stacy!  The Sheep did well against two very good A/B-level teams and kept each game within 3 goals.  Play of the game goes to Pfriem for getting a 2-minute high sticking penalty less than 10 seconds into the game!  And it was AT LEAST A FOOT over his shoulder!


wall and the nikkos.jpg (126879 bytes)  sheep broomball team 2003 burnsville.jpg (121243 bytes)


Regular Season Results

Sheep 7-0
Ice Breakers 4-1 and ?
Big Fish 2-5
Sharks 2-3 and ?
Custom Research 1-3 and ?
Best Buy 0-4 and ?


Week 1

6:15 pm, Ice Breakers over Big Fish 5-1.

7:15 pm, Sheep over Sharks 9-1.

CRI and Best Buy both have a bye.


Week 2

All games were canceled due to poor ice conditions.


Week 3

6:00 pm, Ice Breakers over Sharks by forfeit.

7:00 pm, Big Fish over Custom Research by forfeit.

8:00 pm, Sheep over Best Buy 10-0.


Week 4

6:00 pm, Sheep over Ice Breakers 8-4.

7:00 pm, Sharks over Custom Research.

8:00 pm, Big Fish over Best Buy.


Week 5

6:00 pm, Sharks over Big Fish 4-2.

7:00 pm, Ice Breakers over Best Buy.

8:00 pm, Sheep over Custom Research 8-3.


Week 6

6:00 pm, Custom Research over Best Buy 5-1.

7:00 pm, Sheep over Sharks 5-0.

8:00 pm, Ice Breakers over Big Fish.


First Blood from the Sacrificial Lamb!

Kathleen was the sacrificial lamb in week six when she took a stick in the mouth from the opposing goalie.  She was diving for the lose ball in front of the net and the goalie's stick caught her in the mouth - reminiscent of an injury by a Sheep opponent two weeks ago.  Kathleen managed to get off the ice by herself and for some reason, the play was never stopped.  Maybe because the ref couldn't find his whistle in his pocket.  Kathleen suffered a bruised and cut lip, but luckily no major dental problems.  My bet is that we see her with a face mask this weekend.  The Sheep won the game handily scoring 5 points while shutting out the Sharks.  Brian had 2 goals, Chaffee had one and Jessi had the final goal.  Scott had a small flurry of shots that he blocked including a hard pass back from the Shepherd.  This weekend the Sheep head to Burnsville for a C-level state tournament.

GroupAtBarWithBlood.jpg (51047 bytes)


Week 7

6:00 pm, Sheep over Big Fish 4-2.

7:00 pm, Best Buy and Sharks?

8:00 pm, Custom Research and Ice Breakers?


Sleeps With the Fishes

The Big Fish were wishing they were inflatable after week seven's game in the Hopkins league.  They couldn't keep from sinking when they met the undefeated Sheep on the snow-covered rink.  Basic broomball was out the door.  This was a track meet combined with a soccer game.  Quick legs were important, as were quick passes.  Nothing fancy on the ice for this game.  The Sheep won the game 4-2 thanks to an incredible pass from Scott to Jodi and a coast-to-coast run up the rink, around 3 Fish and past the unsuspecting goalie.  That goal turned out to be the game winner, and yes, Scott THE GOALIE got his first career Sheep points!  Go Scott!  On another note, the Shepherd ended up running full stride into the subbing door that was unlatched.  He lost that battle as he fell to the ice in a heap.  Investigators are still working to find out who left the door unlatched.  For now, they aren't saying much, but they haven't ruled out foul play.  The Shepherd was heard to say:  "Make no mistake about it, I will have my justice."


Week 8 - Makeup from Week 2

6:15 pm, Best Buy and Sharks?

7:15 pm, Sheep over Big Fish 10-2.

8:15 pm, Custom Research and Ice Breakers?



 Stats include all regular season games and the Burnsville tournament.

League Stats Games Goals Assists Points/Game
Brian Leither 7 11 26 5.3
Jessi Nikko 9 16 6 2.4
Joe Ziegenfuss 7 7 10 2.4
Jodi Grack 9 8 6 1.6
Ann Novitske 9 7 4 1.2
Matt Lindquist 8 2 6 1.0
Mike Pfriem 7 3 3 0.9
Neil Chaffee 8 3 3 0.8
Kathleen Hanahoe 10    2 0.2
Scott Dahl - goalie 10   2 0.2
Less Than 4 Games        
Jen Brickley 1 4 4 8.0
Rich Kofski 1    2 2.0
Jason Revels 1 1   1.0
Stacy Grochowski 3      0.0


Valley Park

701 8th Ave S.

Hopkins, MN


Valley Park, 701 8th Ave S, Hopkins.

Take 169 to Excelsior Blvd.

Go west on Excelsior about 7 blocks.

Take a left on 11th Ave S and go 2 blocks past the tracks.

Take a left on 7th St S and go two blocks.

Take a right on 8th Ave S. 


Weather Line:  952-939-8355

Call this number for information on game cancellations.

The recording is updated at noon on game day.


Click here for a map to Valley Park.


Click here for results of the St. Paul Winter Carnival


Click here for results of the Colorado Springs


The Sheep Have A BAAAAD 3 Games At MN State  :(

The Sheep just couldn't pull out a win at the 2003 coed C state tournament in Brainerd.  In each game, they came up one goal short.  The Sheep pulled the goalie with 2 minutes to go in all three games, but could not get one past the opposing goalie.  On the flip side, they didn't give up any open netters either.  They lost to Coors/Terry's 2-3, Pro-Care 2-3 and Lot Sots 1-2.  The Lot Sots lost to Grizzley's in the Championship.  Brian had a great tourney, accounting for 4 of the 5 Sheep goals.  Jessi had the 5th one.  Stacy Grochowski gets the "Player of the Tournament" for continuously shutting down the opponent's fast breaks and doing a great job of controlling the ball on the point.  A big thanks to Janis Stephan for putting on the Sheep jersey for the first time!  Janis had an assist in the tournament, but more importantly, she partied like a true Sheep.


The Sheep did live up to their Party name.  Brian and Matt hit the bar scene with players from Team Thunder on Friday night and worked on their impressions of Al and his "Let's Go" dance.  Rumor has it, the moon was nearly full that night.  The Sheep returned to "Zorbas on the Lake" for more fun on Saturday night.  The band was great, the place was packed with broomballers and the Shepherd won $5 for Quinn at the Hammer game.  The Sheep convinced Sarah, the night watch at the hotel, to let them into the hot tub after hours and the festivities lasted until around 4 am when Sarah started cutting the muffins for breakfast.


The Sheep didn't win, but they partied like no other team.



The 2003 Coed C MN State Tournament marked Scott Dahl's retirement from indoor broomball and he was awarded a "Sheep Achievement Award" for all the games he played, all the shots he blocked and all the bruises he suffered as a Party Sheep.  Scott played 71 games as a Sheep and his record is 41-27-3!  #1 Scott Dahl.  Thanks Scott!


2003 Sheep Broomball Stats.

These stats include all regular season games, Winter Carnival games, Burnsville state games, Brainerd state games and Colorado Springs games.  They have been added to the lifetime stats on the Sheep broomball history page.


Player Games Goals Assists Points P/G
Jen Brickley 1 4 4 8 8.0
Brian Leither 18 24 32 56 3.1
Joe Ziegenfuss 7 7 10 17 2.4
Rich Kofski 1 0 2 2 2.0
Jessi Nikko 20 20 11 31 1.6
Megan Ogdahl 4 2 4 6 1.5
Jodi Grack 20 14 8 22 1.1
Jason Revels 1 1 0 1 1.0
Andy Lancette 2 0 2 2 1.0
Jeff Wall 4 1 3 4 1.0
Jenny Legro 4 2 2 4 1.0
Janis Stephan 7 2 4 6 0.9
Matt Lindquist 19 6 10 16 0.8
Ann Novitske 20 9 7 16 0.8
Dave Roust 4 2 1 3 0.8
Al Chapman 4 0 2 2 0.5
Mike Pfriem 14 3 4 7 0.5
Neil Chaffee 15 3 4 7 0.5
Denise Kukielka 4 1 0 1 0.3
Kathleen Hanahoe 12 0 2 2 0.2
Scott Dahl 17 0 2 2 0.1
Kari Hult 2 0 0 0 0.0
Stacy Grochowski 6 0 0 0 0.0