6 Years Running at Colorado Springs Make-a-Wish Tournament!


Friday - Sunday, April 29 - May 1, Colorado Springs CO.

Chapel Hills Ice Arena


2005_04 colorado tourney sheep team.jpg (158533 bytes)  2005_04 colorado tourney sheep bench alan jen kevin.JPG (95041 bytes)


The Sheep made the journey for the 6th straight year to participant in the annual Make-a-Wish tournament.  The weekend started out rough when the Shepherd missed his flight.  Yes, missed his flight!!  This is the same guy who organizes this whole event and all the ice times leading up to the event:  he dropped the ball on this one.  We showed up at the airport 29 minutes before departure and they wouldn't let us check in anymore.  We (the Shepherdess and myself) were stuck with 8 bags of gear since Kevin and Kandy were able to board but not check luggage (they checked in via the internet before going to the airport).  We found a spot on a plane to Denver leaving about an hour later.  Thankfully, Jason and Megan came to the rescue in Denver.  Needless to say, it was a bad start to the weekend.  And everyone knew about it since I had left about 13-14 phone messages for people looking for a ride from Denver to the Springs.  "Oh, so you're the one who missed his flight!"


The sponsor hotel was the Academy, just across the street from the rink.  An EXCELLENT improvement from last year.  This hotel was perfect because it was close to the rink, Guthrie's and plenty of other food places.  You could even walk home from Guthrie's if you wanted to.  The weather left a little to be desired.  Cold and snow off and on.  But it could have been worse.


The Sheep had 2 brand new members on the team for this tournament:  Alan Torborg and Jen Tweed.  Both of them have come up through the Sheep farm system we like to call the Meerkats.  EEEEEKKK!!  (just kidding!)  Both had great tournaments and we were glad to have them on the team!!!


We celebrated an induction into the Sheep 100 Club in our first game against Summit - last year's champions.  Neil Chaffee was playing his 100th game in a Sheep uniform.  Congrats Neil!  We played a very close game with Summit.  Kurt from Summit was able to score 2 goals and one other player scored one.  We had two goals from Alan Torborg.  Sheep lose a close one 2-3.  Game 2 was against Bootleggers.  This was also a close game that the Sheep lost by one goal.  Both teams had ample opportunities for more goals.  Game 3 was a 5-0 win over Japan and Game 4 was a 6-0 win over Pueblo.  Jason, Alan and Meg in those last two games accumulated 9 goals and 4 assists!!  Our defense shut down our opponents in traditional Sheep fashion.  Jessi led the team in assists with 6 even though she was sick.  Neil put in a nice shot in the Sheep's last game to cap a great 2005 season!


Losing to both MN teams by 1 goal made the Sheep's chances of advancing to the championship game very slim.  Only the top two teams advanced.  We had to hope for Bootleggers to lose to Summit and Japan.  That didn't happen and we had to watch the championship game from outside the ice as Summit defeated Bootleggers 5-0.  The Sheep felt like we should have been in that game and we could have given Summit a run for their money.  Oh well, could have, should have, would have.


Pool Play

Team Record
Summit 3-0-1
Bootleggers 3-0-1
Sheep 2-2
Japan 1-3
Pueblo Steele 0-4


Sheep Stats

Player Gms Gls Ast Pts P/G
Alan Torborg 4 6 2 8 2.0
Jessi Nikko 4 1 6 7 1.8
Jason Westrum 4 4 1 5 1.3
Megan Ogdahl 4 3 2 5 1.3
Matt Lindquist 4 0 3 3 0.8
Al Chapman 4 0 1 1 0.3
Elissa Chaffee 4 0 1 1 0.3
Neil Chaffee 4 1 0 1 0.3
Ann Novitske 4 0 0 0 0.0
Jen Tweed 4 0 0 0 0.0
Lisa Holmberg 4 0 0 0 0.0
Kevin Nash 4 0 0 0 0.0