Sheep 100 Club

The Sheep 100 Club is made up of players who have logged at least 100 games in a Sheep uniform.

Becoming a member of the Sheep 100 Club is a highly regarded accolade.  All members have demonstrated dedication, persistence and allegiance.  Loyalty to the Sheep can not be questioned.  These players have helped shape the Sheep over the years and are responsible for the great team we have today. 

Please give a round of applause to our Sheep 100 Club members:

  2003_03_brainerd_state_tourney_lockeroom_neil.jpg (58457 bytes) Neil Chaffee - #83  Neil celebrated his induction into the 100 club at Colorado in 2005.  Neil is a cornerstone of Sheep defense.  He is a positive, relentless and non-selfish player.  He has excellent speed, a great mind for the game and is a true friend.
   Elissa Chaffee - #14 / #42  Wirte-up coming... 
   Scott Dahl - #14 / #42  Wirte-up coming... 
Brian_vikes.JPG (275381 bytes) Brian Leither - #23  What can I say?  Brian is a scoring machine.  Opponents key on him and he still beats them, goalies dread his breakaways and his flock loves him.  He is as exciting off the rink as he is on the rink.  He brings "life" to the team.  A class act.
2004_05 juno movie party matt grill master.jpg (143793 bytes)   Matt Lindquist - #88  The founder of the Inflatable Party Sheep.  Matt lives and breathes Sheep.  He coordinates all leagues, tournaments, rosters, funding - and even this web site!  He strives to achieve that perfect team combination of fun and competition.  He also makes every effort to stay in "tune" with all his team members and makes sure they are having fun.
2006-03-19-19 chaska coed state elissas trophy Jessi crop.jpg (557062 bytes) Jessi Lindquist - #13  Wirte-up coming... 
2005_04 colorado tourney sheep ann novitske.jpg (131105 bytes) Ann Novitske - #16  The "Sheep Den Mother."  Ann has been with the Sheep through thick and thin.  She is always watching out for us and taking care of the team.  Ann is the epitome of team commitment.  Ann is gritty and not afraid to charge in to the corner and she has mastered the "weak side wing" offensive attack.
2003_12 breck claudine.jpg (29872 bytes) Claudine Weiler -#8  Claudine plays from the heart.  She plays because she wants it.  She wants to win, she wants to do well and she wants to have fun while doing it.  And she has done a fabulous job at all three during her many years as a Sheep.  She is not afraid to play any position and she puts herself on the line for the team.  Claudine is a tenacious player and the team wouldn't be what it is today with out her!