2009 Winter Carnival

January 24-25


A Level Teams:

1st place:  Majors

2nd place:  No Bull

3rd place:  Gatti Inc.

4th place:  Superior Machine

5th place:  Inflatable Party Sheep

6th place:  Usual Suspects (no show)


Sheep Game Results:

Day/Time Team Score Score Team
Sat, 1:50 pm Sheep 1 3 Majors
Sat, 4:40 pm Sheep 4 5 No Bull
Sun 12:20 pm Sheep 0 1 Superior Machine


Mc Murray Fields in St. Paul

North on Lexington Ave from I94.

Past Energy Park Drive and Gabe's by the Park.

Right after you go under the railroad tracks, take a left onto the one way.

The parks are on your right.