2007 Indoor MN State Co-Rec Tourney

Sheep Take 2nd Place


Edina, MN

March 16-18, 2007


2007_03_18_sheep_state_05_team.JPG (40805 bytes)  2007_03_16_sheep_state_11_general.JPG (36408 bytes)


Pool A Pool B
Eden Prairie (MN) No Bull Eden Prairie (NS) J.A.B.
Mpls (ML) Inflatable Party Sheep Golden Valley (MO) Meerkats
St Paul (MC) Minnetonka (JO) Fletcher's


Pool Play

Fri, 9:50 pm, Sheep vs. No Bull.  Sheep win 3-2.

Fri, 10:45 pm, JAB vs. Meerkats.  JAB wins.

Sat, 12:30 pm, Sheep vs. St. Paul (MC).  Sheep win 2-0.

Sat, 1:25 pm, Meerkats vs. Fletcher's.  Meerkats win.

Sat, 2:20 pm, No Bull vs. St. Paul (MC.

Sat, 3:15 pm, JAB vs. Fletcher's.


B Bracket

Sat, 8:50 pm, Pool A #1 Sheep vs. Pool B #2 Minnetonka Fletchers.  Sheep win 4-1.

Sat, 9:45 pm, Pool A #2 Majors vs. Pool B #1 Meerkats.  Majors wins.

Sun, 3:00 pm, Championship.   Majors over Sheep 3-2.


A Bracket

Sun, 5:25 pm, No Bull vs. JAB.  JAB beat No Bull.


Sheep Roster:

Al 40, Neil 83, Kayne 9, Brian 23, Cheney 5, Matt Walfoort 32.

Kelly 14, Elissa 42, Jodi Grack 11, Jessi 13, Janis 7, Ann 16.

Jerseys:  Our main color will be our new jerseys.  But we'll use the gold jerseys as backup.  Brian - bring Sue's gold for Walfoort.  Kayne - bring Claudine's gold for Kelly.  I'll bring one for Al.

Fees:  The tournament fee is $280.  We get a $140 credit for winning the Winter  Carnival.  I'm adding $40 for balls.  So the total is $180.  $180 / 12 = $15 each.  GOOD DEAL!

Rules to Note:



Minnesota Made Ice Center

7300 Bush Lake Road

Edina, MN  55439


From Hwy 100, exit on 77th street (Industrial Blvd).

Go west on 77th about 3/4 of a mile to Bush Lake Road.

Take a right on Bush Lake Road and continue to the cul-de-sac.

The rink is the last building on the left.